Investors with business acumen, drive and liquid assets are invited to join us as franchisees and be part of Edu Fun success story. Our comprehensively developed franchise models, together with our extensive range of programs will give you everything you need to be the nursery school of choice in your region. We are looking for a diversity of partners to be part of our expanding network such as:

• Corporate companies
• Professionals in the education and training business
• Small and medium enterprises

We are looking for a diversity of partners to be part of our expanding network such as:

• Well established international brand
• Well developed British Curriculum
• Best corporate practices and governance
• Multimedia based teaching plus use of audio visual aids
• Toys & audio visual library
• Regular field trips/education tours. In-house special events
• Festival & Birthday celebration
• Activity arcade & cookery room
• Outdoor play area and sand pit
• Juniors gymnastics and dance classes
• Music and movement classes
• Ball pool and soft play
• Water play areas
• Swimming Pool
• Road track
• Small world education area
• CCTV enabled, themed classrooms
• Round the clock security and intercom system Key benefits / privileges of the Franchisee
• Tapping on proven business model, network, know-how and systems
• Be part of recognized brand name with the immediate recognition through well-known brand and further brand building
• Tapping on support of Edu Fun Nursery with a dedicated support team
• Entering nursery education market with minimum hurdle
• Be part of nursery education and training with established system and processes
• Access rights to all program’s adhering to OFSTED guidelines (The British Regulatory Body in the UK) developed under the franchise name
• No stress in designing curriculum, books, study materials, prospectuses, advertisement
• Technical know-how to all aspects of operating an institution
• Multi – Level training
• Cost reduction through economies of scale
• Concept planning, designing and supervising of layout of interiors
• Technical inputs: curriculum, educational material, books etc.
• Support for indoor/outdoor events including media coverage
• Setting up proper accounting and feedback systems
• Centralized procurement and supply system catering to the requirements of the school and children
• Identifying and providing solution to problems

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With the wave of globalization spreading across the country people are now exposed to the rest of the world. They see things happening around the world and expect the same to happen in fast developing nations such as India and Middle East. People now expect the same international level standards for the education of their children. No longer will they be contended with what schools have been offering and they are willing to pay for it.

The 2-5 year old age group is considered by researches to be the crucial period in a person’s life as 50% of the brain development has taken place by the time the child leaves pre-schools . Parents realize that the environment during this most plastic and impressionable period must provide the experience for physical, intellectual, aesthetic, emotional, spiritual and social development of the child.

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