Team Details

Hayley Bradley

I am originally from the South Island of New Zealand, growing up in New Zealand you experience an education system where you Learn Through Play right from birth to finishing school at 18 years old. I have a wonderful husband who is a Teacher and a brilliant daughter. I have Education, Leadership, Marketing, Business and Administration Degrees from Top Universities in New Zealand, Australia and America. I am continuously learning and believe you can always learn more and get better at what you do. I think it is so important to implement many different learning and teaching styles and philosophies into classrooms and schools. I believe that it is so vital for children to be in a play-based environment where they learn to love learning and learn through a process verse product environment. Yes, your child may get messy, their clothing may get stained and they may bump their head or scrape their knees but this is all a part of the learning process, they learn and they try again, they set themselves challenges and they practice skills until they achieve them. Your child is constantly learning whether sitting still watching the world go by or running at full speed up the slide. I have spent most of my career mentoring and guiding teachers and educators may they be experienced or new to teaching. Being able to provide and bring excitement, passion, and inspiration to my work, to the people that I work with and the children within the educational settings that I am at, allows me to reach groups and individuals on levels where they feel comfortable and happy to be there every day. I feel that I can inspire teachers to see teaching not as a job or a career but as a way to reach children and help them become the best they can be and develop a strong educational foundation and love for learning. Every day I step into an educational setting may it be for children or adults; I make it my mission for each one of them to feel some kind of success; big or small it doesn’t matter but when someone feels like they are succeeding those endorphins lead them to be more motivated and driven.